Council on Rural Development advocates for ‘creative economy’

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A new economic report recommends that Vermont move toward a “creative economy” that embraces the production of ideas. Paul Costello is executive director of the Vermont Council on Rural Development, which issued the report:

(Costello) “First off, it’s a real economic sector in the state of Vermont: artists, writers, designers – people whose jobs are essentially creative. The second way we look at it is as an essential element in community development projects around the state. You look at what Bellows Falls, Brandon, Vergennes have been doing in terms of working at the junction between culture, art, creativity and business incubation. That’s a real clear strategy that’s important and effective.”

(Host) The report makes a series of recommendations designed to make Vermont more receptive to businesses that rely on creativity and ingenuity. Backers of the idea say one of the primary ways to develop a creative economy is to emphasize the state’s cultural and historical assets.

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