Conservative lobbying group forms in Vermont

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(Host) A new conservative government lobbying organization has been formed in Vermont. Its goals are to promote lower taxes, fewer business regulations and smaller state government. The group is a Vermont chapter of the national “Freedom Works,” organization that was founded by former Republican House Majority leader Dick Armey.

Rob Roper is the state director for Freedom Works. He says the Vermont chapter already has 2,000 members. Roper hopes to provide lawmakers with a different perspective on issues:

(Roper) “The left here thinks that they run the show and we’re going to try and do our best to prove them wrong, at least to some extent. The main problem being that our tax rates are already among the highest burden for the individual taxpayer in the United States and we’re facing problems that are going to need serious financial issues that have to be addressed. And we’re hoping that we can make sure that those problems are solved not by increasing taxes or increasing regulations or decreasing freedom, but to find solutions that support those goals.”

(Host) Roper says his group plans to actively lobby lawmakers at the Statehouse.

He says one of the first projects will be supporting Governor Jim Douglas’s decision not to raise taxes to help solve the state’s Medicaid funding problems.

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