Conservation group releases environmental scorecard

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(Host) The Vermont Alliance of Conservation Voters released its Environmental Scorecard for the Vermont Legislature Monday. The Alliance also endorsed 94 candidates for the General Assembly. The Alliance is backing 83 Democrats, six Republicans, four Progressives and one Independent in a variety of House and Senate races.

Brigid Browning, executive director of the Alliance, said she was disappointed that the debate over many environmental issues was much more partisan in the House than in the Senate:

(Browning) “Without the pro-environment bipartisan majority in the Vermont Senate, this session clearly we would not be here today claiming the successes, that we are those successes. Including the closing of the ten-acre loophole, passage of legislation to protect Vermont’s water quality and protection of the West Mountain Wildlife management area located within the Champion lands. At the close of the session Vermont’s conservation community was disappointed when the Republican-controlled House killed moderate legislation to create manufacturing jobs in the renewable energy sector at a time of need.”

(Host) Browning says the passage of a comprehensive renewable energy bill will be the top priority for her organization when lawmakers return to the Statehouse in January.

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