Connecticut court to hear civil union dissolution case

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(Host) A Connecticut man wants to dissolve his civil union but not in Vermont, where the union is legally recognized. Glen Rosengarten of Greenwich, CT says he wants to protect the inheritance of his children from a previous marriage. And Rosengarten’s partner isn’t contesting the action.

But two lower courts have already ruled that Connecticut has no jurisdiction over civil union matters. That’s why Gary Cohen, one of Rosengarten’s attorneys, wants the Connecticut Supreme Court to weigh in:

(Cohen) “The state of Connecticut is very tolerant of alternative lifestyles. So it’s our view that we have a pretty good shot at having the Supreme Court grant certification. So Mr. Rosengarten will have access to the courts of Connecticut like every other citizen.”

(Host) Rosengarten, who’s 54, is believed to be the first person in the country to try to get the courts to dissolve a civil union outside of Vermont. Vermont’s civil unions law went into effect two years ago. Under the law, civil unions can be dissolved after establishing residency for a year.

The Connecticut Supreme Court could decide whether it will hear the case as early as September.

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