Congressional resolution would lead to investigation of president

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(Host) Congressman Bernie Sanders supports an investigation that could lead to the impeachment of President Bush.

Sanders has signed on to legislation introduced by Representative John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat. The resolution would create a committee to gather evidence about the president’s conduct, including whether he manipulated intelligence leading up to the Iraq War.

(Sanders) “It seems to me that it is absolutely imperative that the administration answer very important questions about how we got into this war, what they knew and when they knew it. And I say this, not as part of a Bush vendetta, or anti-Bush campaign, but to make sure that we never again get into a war in this way again, that no president thinks he can lead us into a war the way Bush did.”

(Host) According to Sanders, the Conyers resolution does not directly call for President Bush’s impeachment. He says it sets up a fact-finding process that is part of Congress’ oversight responsibility.

(Sanders) “When Bill Clinton was president, the Government Reform Committee, on which I sit, investigated almost everything that guy did. When you talk about George Bush, it’s not only Iraq and how we got into Iraq, it’s the prescription drug Medicare bill, it’s Katrina. There have been virtually no serious hearings or investigations to understand what in fact is going in our government today.”

(Host) Five Vermont Towns voted for Bush’s impeachment last week. After the Town Meeting votes, Sanders says he heard from many people who urged him to sign on to the Conyers’ resolution.

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