College expands “Language School” program

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(Host) A medley of languages can be heard on the Middlebury College campus again this summer while the “Language Schools” are in session.

The 92-year-old schools continue to generate so much interest that an expansion is planned.

Middlebury is teaming up with Brandeis University to open a school of Hebrew.

Michael Geisler is Middlebury’s Dean of Language Schools and Schools Abroad.

Hebrew will be taught beginning next summer. And Geisler says it will join the 25-year-old program in Arabic to complete Middlebury’s Middle East studies curriculum.

(Geisler) “We felt that since, obviously, the other major player in that area is Israel, we needed to offer Modern Hebrew.”

(Host) More than 1,300 students are on the Middlebury campus now. They’ve all taken the language pledge. That means for the entire duration of the program, students must speak only the language they’re studying.

Hebrew courses begin next summer. They will be taught by some of the professors from Brandeis who taught a college textbook on Hebrew instruction.

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