Co-Management Of Lake Iroquois Leads To Protection Issues

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The town of Williston is reporting high phosphorous levels in Lake Iroquois, and officials say the challenge in managing blue-green algae blooms is having four towns co-managing it.

At a recent Williston Select Board meeting, authors of the Lake Iroquois Association Report said that co-ownership was posing itself as a challenge to managing the lake. Bob Pasco, president of the Lake Iroquois Association, told the Williston Observer, "It’s everybody’s lake, and it’s nobody’s lake."

According to the report, like much of Lake Champlain, Lake Iroquois currently has high phosphorous levels and has experienced blue-green algae blooms this season. Also, because a number of boats moving directly between the two lakes, there is a fear of cross contamination and the spread of invasive species.

The Lake Iroquois Recreational District currently includes Williston, Richmond, Hinesburg and St. George.

A public meeting is scheduled in Williston on Thursday, July 26 to discuss the idea of creating a special overlay zoning district for the Lake Iroquois watershed.

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