Clavelle Endorses Racine

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(Host) Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle will support Democratic Lieutenant Governor Douglas Racine in this year’s race for governor.

Clavelle, who’s a Progressive, says it’s somewhat unusual for him to support a candidate from a different party. But the mayor says this is a case where Racine’s stand on the issues is more important than a party label:

(Clavelle) "We share a lot of the same perspectives. I’ve seen how he’s worked with local governments with non-profit organizations. He recognizes the importance of partnerships and he also understands sustainable development. He has demonstrated a commitment to quality education towards livable wage jobs, he’s stood up for civil rights. I think he’s a decent, principled politician and I’m happy to support him."

(Host) The Progressives haven’t fielded a candidate for governor yet. But Clavelle says his commitment to Racine is firm and that he will stand behind Racine even if the Progressives do run a gubernatorial candidate this year.

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