Clavelle criticizes Douglas’ leadership on transportation

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(Host) Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Clavelle says the primary reason he’s running for governor this year is because he feels incumbent Republican governor Jim Douglas has failed to provide effective leadership on a number of key issues facing the state.

Speaking Tuesday night on VPR’s Switchboard program, Clavelle said he would bring a different style of leadership to the governor’s office if he’s elected in November:

(Clavelle) “In fact I think on many areas we’re not only seeing progress stalled and stymied but we’re moving in the wrong direction. And in my opinion the Douglas administration lacks vision, it lacks direction, it lacks passion. And I would bring to the governor’s office leadership that I think is missing today.”

(Host) Clavelle says transportation issues facing the state of Vermont are one clear example of a lack of leadership by the Douglas aAdministration:

(Clavelle) “We all know that there are some serious unmet transportation needs in the state of Vermont. If you drive Interstate 89 and you see them and we also know that the state’s Transportation Agency is in disarray. In fact we could say that it’s in meltdown. There is no plan for the state of Vermont, it’s hard to plan for transportation projects when there’s such wild deviation in terms of estimates for projects – $90 million two projects alone.”

(Host) Clavelle also criticized Douglas for not accepting a compromise agreement with some environmental groups last year concerning the Circumferential Highway in Chittenden County. Under that agreement, the environmental organizations pledged not to pursue future litigation of the road, and in return, the state would abandon the final segment of the highway.

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