Clavelle calls for more renewable energy

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(Host) Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Clavelle has called for an increased emphasis on renewable energy in Vermont.

Speaking at a Statehouse press conference on Thursday the Burlington mayor suggested that Governor Jim Douglas has not paid enough attention to the advantages of renewable energy.

(Clavelle) “Do we continue down the road of Jim Douglas? A direction that ignores the benefits of energy efficiency, ignores the acquisition and development of renewable sources and thwarts attempts to develop new power sources like wind?”

(Host) Clavelle pledged to pursue local energy sources including solar power, wood, and production from hydro dams on the Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers. He called for implementation of the Renewable Portfolio Standard that’s used in 14 states.

And Clavelle said he would work to insure that wind power becomes a standard ingredient in Vermont’s energy plan.

(Clavelle) “Wind power, along with other renewable sources, conservation and energy efficiency can help meet our needs in a way that reduces energy costs, contributes to our economy, and does not add to acid rain or global warming. As governor, I will develop wind energy the Vermont way, with wind projects that are thoughtfully sighted and appropriately scaled.”

(Host) Clavelle also said he was very concerned about the missing fuel rods at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant, and renewed his call for a full engineering assessment, and a full and independent safety assessment of the facility.

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