Chinese officials learn Vermont models for energy efficiency

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(Host) A delegation from China is visiting Vermont this week to learn about new ways to conserve energy. The three-member delegation from Jiangsu Province has been studying ways to meet their region’s expanding energy needs while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Wu Yan is a utility regulator in Jiangsu. Speaking through an interpreter, she said the biggest challenge they face is balancing rapid development with environmental protection:

(Wu) “As you know, the China is developing very fast in both the economic and other sides. And we need a lot of energy – tremendously. And right now we are facing the big problem of how to use the limited resource to get unlimited power.”

(Host) Wu says that Jiangsu Province is known for its natural beauty. She says to protect the environment, they need to focus on energy efficiency, rather than building new power plants.

Much of the group’s time here has been spent with officials from Efficiency Vermont, who’ve shared their expertise on how the Chinese province can improve its efficiency. Toni Bouchard is with Efficiency Vermont.

(Bouchard) “Because we’re little we can try things that are innovative. You know, then kind of, almost test it out and try it and really be able to have this coming together of minds and willingness that would be hard if you were tackling this for the first time in such a big country like China.”

(Host) The group leaves Vermont for California on Friday to look at other models of energy efficiency.

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