Chinese Ambassador visits Vermont

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(Host) China’s Ambassador to the United States was in Vermont today.

Zhou Wenzhong was at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester to talk about trade relations between China and the U.S.

(Wenzhong) “As long as we proceed from the overall interests of our cooperation, continue our dialogue on the basis of mutual respect, and seek common ground while pursuing our differences, we will surely overcome various obstacles and continue to make progress in our economic cooperation and trade.”

(Host) The Ambassador talked about China’s easing of trade restrictions, and about its growing middle class that is generating a “huge market demand” for things like cars and cell phones.

The Ambassador’s appearance was greeted by a group of protesters who gathered on the sidewalk on the edge of the college campus. The 30 or so protestors mostly Tibetan chanted free Tibet .

Sam Maron is co-President of “Students for a Free Tibet” at the University of Vermont.

(Maron) “What we’re trying to do is raise that awareness, that even though China talks about freedoms and human rights in Tibet, they don’t exist. There’s no freedom of assembly or religion. Even the monasteries are kept under tight watch.”

(Host) In his talk, the Chinese ambassador said that some differences in trade policy between the U.S. and China are unavoidable, but that it was important to maintain the principle of mutual respect.’

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