Child Care Workers Say Union Would Improve Quality

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Some child care workers in Vermont want to unionize. And a bill currently in the Vermont House would allow them to do so. The union would represent all early educators, and home child care providers.

Advocates say a union would give them a seat and a voice at the table to discuss regulations that directly affect their businesses. But opponents to the bill, including other child care providers, are very much against the move.

We’re delving into the issue with two interviews this week.

We’ll hear tomorrow from the head of a child care program that does not support the union. Today, we’re speaking with Cyndi Miller, who has nearly 30 years experience working in child care, and she’s advocating in favor of the union.

Miller says other efforts to include child care providers in discussions, like advisory boards and trade organizations, have failed, and she says a union would be the best way to represent the interests of child care workers.

Click listen to hear the interview.

We’ll also have a different perspective from Mary Burns of the Greater Burlington Y. She’ll discuss why her child care program, and others are not in support of the union bill.  Click here to listen.

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