Census Bureau releases supplementary Vermont data

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(Host) The U.S. Census Bureau has released the 2001 Supplementary Survey data for Vermont and other New England states. The survey is a large-scale test of the American Community Survey, which is scheduled to replace the current census long form by 2010.

C. Louis Kincannon is the director of the U.S. Census Bureau. He says the figures indicate a promising future for Vermont:

(Kincannon) “It shows in general healthy trends, such as increase in property value, increase in household income, increase in the percentage of families with household income greater than $50,000, not dramatic increases as in some areas, but not declines either. It’s a relatively balanced picture showing convergence more or less with national trends in most of those areas.”

(Host) But Kincannon says that Vermont needs to study the issue of child poverty. The percentage of children living in households with poverty is 14.3%, an increase over last year of a little more than 2%. The figure remains below the national average of 16.5%.

The Supplemental Survey may be instituted nationwide sometime next year. It’s intended to give communities annual indications of trends. Currently, the census is taken every ten years.

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