CarShare Vermont’s First Year A Success

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(Host) Drive less, share more. That was the goal of a fledgling non-profit called CarShare Vermont when we spoke with its Executive Director almost two years ago. Now we’re back with Annie Bourdon to gauge the success of her efforts to bring non-profit car sharing to Vermont. When we spoke with Annie in 2008, CarShare Vermont was just in the organizational phase. But Bourdon told us she had a feeling people in Vermont’s largest city would welcome a car-sharing service:

(Bourdon) Our hunch is that there are a number of families that have multiple cars in their family, maybe two or three. And we see car sharing as the perfect solution to maybe reduce that number to one and a half cars, two maybe two and a half cars, because we think that sometimes maybe folks over buy for that fear of well, my partner drives to work everyday and I want to be able to get groceries, well now you can.

(Host) CarShare Vermont finally hit the road in December of 2009. And it’s been a busy year. We took a ride recently on a chilly January morning with Annie Bourdon and Horatio-more on him in a moment-to find out how CarShare is faring on the streets of Burlington.

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