Campbell Supports Act 250 Review For Energy Projects

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Senate President John Campbell says he supports a bill that would subject renewable energy projects to review under the Act 250 environmental control law.

The proposal has split environmental groups. Most mainstream groups say the bill is a bad idea because it would create an unnecessary hurdle for renewable projects.

But opponents of ridgeline wind projects say the mainstream groups have abandoned their dedication to environmental protection.

Campbell says he thinks there should be greater local control.

"I believe that the people of Vermont, they do deserve to have a word and a say in what is erected in their towns. We’re not talking about something that is a small footprint, if you will," Campbell said. 

An earlier proposal called for a moratorium on ridgeline wind development. Applying Act 250 to the projects was offered as an alternative. Campbell says he thinks it’s a good approach.

"Act 250 is there to protect the environment. What is being done here is we are just again clarifying that Act 250 is a very important process and it does give people a say what happens in their communities," Campbell said. 

The bill is pending on the Senate calendar for action. It’s not clear when senators plan to take it up for debate.

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