Burlington voters defeat 9-11 advisory question

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(Host) Voters in Burlington were asked if they want a new investigation into the events surrounding the September 11th attacks.

The advisory question was defeated, with roughly 64% of voters saying no and 36% saying yes.

Burlington’s Director of Elections, Jo LaMarche, says turnout was low.

Five thousand seventy-two people voted this year, whereas turnout is usually closer to ten thousand for annual city elections.

LaMarche says a couple of factors may have kept people from coming to the polls.

(LaMarche) “Perhaps the fact that we only had two questions on our ballot, which is unusual for Burlington. I think that’s only happened one other time since I’ve been here, plus the weather! It was a horrible day to be outside. It was brutal up here with the wind coming off the lake, and, yeah, people pretty much just stayed at home and inside I think.”

(Host) Burlington’s elections director Jo LaMarche.

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