Burlington City Council To Vote On Standards For Lockheed Deal

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Advocates say Burlington needs to set some limits on a partnership that the city administration wants to enter with the military contractor Lockheed Martin.

The City Council will discuss standards Monday night to control the partnership.

Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss hasn’t disclosed details of that partnership, except to say it involves carbon reduction. But hundreds of Burlington residents have spoken out against the proposal.

They’ve asked city councilors to implement new community standards for Burlington’s partners.

Supports of the resolution say Burlington might set a national precedent by imposing conditions on the partnership. They say the conditions should include banning discrimination based on race, gender and age. They also want to make sure anti-trust laws are followed and human trafficking isn’t engaged in.

Jonathan Leavitt is a local community organizer. He says this could be a historic moment for Vermont: "We’re asking as Burlington residents not to partner with corporations which have sued the state of Vermont to stop it from regulating climate change, like Lockheed Martin."

Leavitt says tonight’s Council meeting also serves as a rallying cry for greater government transparency in Burlington.

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