Burlington City Council Considers Changes To Airport Noise Zone

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Burlington’s City Council will consider Monday night a plan to expand the noise zone surrounding Burlington International Airport.

The airport has asked the Council to authorize new noise exposure maps designed to clearly define which homes can’t coexist with airport noise.

That request comes as the Vermont Air National Guard plans to bring F-35 fighter jets to its base in South Burlington.

Supporters say the F-35 program would be an economic boon to the region, bringing in jobs and payroll to Chittenden County. But opponents say the new jets would produce higher noise levels over a greater area than existing fighters.

The noise abatement is designed to protect neighborhoods from all airplane noise, including from commercial jets.

Under a federal buyout program, the airport is also seeking permission to purchase 14 homes within the so-called incompatible zone.

So far, the airport has bought approximately 120 homes. Demolition permits are pending for about half of them.

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