Bridport man shares his reflections on the Middle East

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There are few problems in the world seemingly more intractable than the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East.

One measure of the lowered expectations for the peace talks in Annapolis, Maryland is evident by the White House expressing delight in foreignministers from both camps willing to show up at all.

It’s against this backdrop that Tom Baskett, a retired psychotherapist from Bridport, and his wife Diane Nancekivell visited the Middle East to meet with Israelis and Palestinians as part of the group Interfaith Peace Builders.

Tom Baskett says he and his wife met ordinary people on both sides whose
lives are affected every day by politics, violence and distrust:


Click "listen" above to hear the entire interview.

Photo by Tom Baskett, drawing/mosaic on a wall in the Palestinian Ayda Refugee camp in Bethlehem done by refugees.

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