Brattleboro Wants To Keep Tabs On Vermont Yankee

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(Host) Brattleboro voters sent a message that they want to keep close tabs on Vermont Yankee and its owners as the plant moves toward closing.

By a more than two-to-one margin, they approved a nonbinding resolution  asking the Brattleboro select board to sign on to a letter sponsored by the group Safe and Green Campaign.

It calls on Entergy Nuclear, as well as state agencies and the NRC, to take "all necessary steps" to minimize negative impacts on plant workers, local residents and the environment.

Bob Bady, a member of the campaign, says extra vigilance is called for during this period.

(Bady) "There are concerns about how employees are treated, how decommissioning happens, how the plant is operated for the last year, the need for more oversight during this period.

(Host) Bady says the letter has already been signed by 14 towns in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, all within a 20 mile radius of Vermont Yankee.

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