Brattleboro Town Manager to step down

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(Host) Brattleboro Town Manager Jerry Remillard is stepping down after will step down after a decade on the job.

Under an agreement with the Brattleboro Selectboard signed late this afternoon Remillard will finish out the three months remaining in his contract.

Steven Stiedle is the Brattleboro Town Manager.

(Steidle) “The agreement between the two parties is that Jerry Remillard will resign effective June 30 and he will be paid through the rest of his contract, he’s on sick leave, actually – use those benefits and receive a severance package of $15,000 a year over five years.”

(Host) Remillard has been on sick leave since late December. The final year of his tenure was a stormy one for Brattleboro. The town was without a finance director following the abrupt departure of the former finance manager early last winter.

In the months that followed roughly a million dollars in accounting errors emerged. Last summer a group of citizens called on the Selectboard to ask Remillard to resign. The board declined, but has been meeting in executive session for weeks “to discuss a personnel matter.”

The town’s management of a federal grant for a transportation center also came under review by the state auditor and the federal Transit Authority.

The investigation found no wrongdoing but said the project could have been managed better.

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