Brattleboro gets earful over Town Meeting item

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Brattleboro’s seen its share of controversies through the years, but the town’s plan for a vote on whether to issue arrest warrants for President Bush and Vice President Cheney has struck a nerve.

The Selectboard’s vote to include the item on the Town Meeting Day agenda has triggered a barrage of e-mails, telephone calls and voicemail messages, some of them so full of vitriol that town officials are worrying for their safety.

Town Clerk Annette Cappy says it’s hard not to worry about personal safety given the tone of the e-mail messages, which denounce Brattleboro for even considering issuing warrants for the president.

Said one: “The people in Brattleboro are giving aid and comfort to the enemy when they do their preposterous proposal to arrest Bush or Cheney.”

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