Brattleboro cheese company wins financing for expansion

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(Host) Grafton Village Cheese Company has won final financing for construction of its new cheese factory in Brattleboro.

The Vermont Economic Development Authority approved $8.2 million dollars in bonds to help pay for the project.

Construction of the 30,000-square-foot plant is already under way and should be complete by February 1st.

For years, the company has made its cheese at a plant at the Windham Foundation in Grafton.

But spokeswoman Melissa Gullotti says demand has outstripped the plant’s capacity.

(Gullotti) "We’ve had the pleasure of having the challenge of people wanting our cheese and a lot of it. So this is a great opportunity for us to continue to build our inventory and to grow our business and to look into different areas."

(Host) The Grafton plant will continue to make cheese and the company’s warehouse also will still be there.

Within three years, the company expects to have 72 employees, more than double the current payroll.

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