Bradford Nixes Fluoride In Water Supply

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Bradford residents recently learned when they opened their water bills that fluoride was no longer being added to the town’s water supply.

That’s riling some residents, who wonder why the decision wasn’t made more openly by the five-person Water and Sewer Commission.

Robert Munson is a Bradford dentist. He says the benefits of fluoridated water, especially on children’s teeth, are indisputable.

"If you’re drinking this water, cooking with this water, you are getting the optimum amount of fluoride every day. And that has been proven,"Munson said.

The American Dental Association backs up his claim that fluoride helps to prevent cavities, but there have been a number of communities that have debated its use.

The Select Board says it was surprised by the decision.

Neither the chair nor vice chair of the Bradford Water and Sewer Commission returned phone calls. But Chairman Robert Nutting tells the Valley News he "had some information" that fluoride is harmful.

The Commission is scheduled to meet on November 27, and the select board chairman has invited state health officials to make the case for fluoridation.

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