Bomb scare causes Colchester evacuation

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(Host) Seven buildings in Colchester were evacuated today after a man made threats against a Veterans Administration clinic. Police used a robot and bomb sniffing dogs to sweep the Fort Ethan Allen buildings. They later determined the threat was a hoax.

VPR’s John Dillon reports.

(Dillon) Officials have arrested 55-year old Roger Stockham of St. Albans on federal charges after he allegedly made threats at the Veterans Administration Clinic. Colchester Police Sergeant Doug Allen says officials knew earlier this week that Stockham was threatening the VA.

(Allen) "At about 12:15 this afternoon we got a call from the Veterans Administration Clinic located here in Fort Ethan Allen reporting to us that a person we had already been made aware of – due to some threats he made against the clinic and the VA – was here at the clinic in Fort Ethan Allen."

(Dillon) Stockham had parked his van outside the clinic and a state police bomb squad was called. A robot was used to search the van, followed by men in body armor and bomb-sniffing dogs. Allen said no explosives were found.

(Allen ) "Information we’ve gotten from the subject indicated it was essentially a hoax."

(Dillon) Stockham visited several buildings in the area, including the studios of VPR and Vermont Public Television. Vermont Public Radio was one of the seven buildings evacuated in the Fort Ethan Allen complex. Only essential personnel remained to operate the radio station.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m John Dillon.

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