Bohjalian Releases Novel ‘The Night Stranger’

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(Host) Vermont author Chris Bohjalian has just released his 14th novel, a ghost story set in rural New England.

The Night Stranger tells the story of Chip Linton, an airline pilot who has to ditch his jet in Lake Champlain following double engine failure.

Thirty-nine passengers die, and in the aftermath of the tragedy, Chip moves his family to an old Victorian house in New Hampshire.

In the basement of his new home, he discovers a door that leads to nowhere, sealed shut by 39 bolts.

Knowing that this has to be more than coincidence, Chip soon finds himself haunted not only by grief, but by the ghosts of the passengers and crew who died in the water.

Chris Bohjalian lives in Lincoln Vermont, and joins us in our Colchester studios.

Bohjalian will be appearing at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater on Monday evening at 7 p.m., and at Barnes & Noble in South Burlington Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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