Board Says Lowell Land Deal Details Can Remain Secret

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Vermont utility regulators say the financial details of deals that Green Mountain Power made with landowners as part of its Lowell wind project can remain confidential.

The Public Service Board says it would protect financial information in several "wind-park" and easement leases and agreements between GMP and landowners.

The Caledonian Record says the information that will remain confidential includes base payments, minimum operating payments, and royalty percentages.

Among the reasons that GMP claimed it needed to keep the information confidential was that disclosure of the financial terms would reveal personal income information of the property owners and make it more difficult for GMP to negotiate similar agreements in the future.

GMP is in the process of building a 21-turbine commercial wind operation on Lowell Mountain, which faces opposition from some who feel it would scar the pristine landscape and environment of the mountain.

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