Bishop Kenneth Angell Urges Vermont Catholics to Remember Ailing Pontiff

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(Host) As Catholics around the world pray for Pope John Paul the Second in light of his deteriorating condition, officials with the Burlington diocese are providing guidance and solace to Vermont members of the church. Bishop Kenneth Angell urged Vermont Catholics to remember the ailing pontiff in their prayers.

Angell also reflected on the time that he personally has spent with the pope.

(Angell) “Every five years we go over and we have at least 20 minutes with him alone. He’s very concerned about each of the Bishops. I’ve been at his table, up in his private apartment with other Bishops from New England. It was just a wonderful experience. He’s so human. But he’s been just a model of goodness for the church.”

(Host) A special mass for Pope John Paul the Second is being held at this hour at the Saint Joseph Co-Cathedral in Burlington.

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