Bethel Residents To Post Select Board Meetings On YouTube

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Residents in Bethel say they will begin videotaping Select Board meetings and broadcasting them via YouTube, after a series of disagreements over how the town has – or has not – responded to Tropical Storm Irene.

A group of citizens say town officials have failed to follow-up with their public requests for aid and demands to increase transparency.

The Secretary of State’s office says the group is within its rights, as long as the videotaping does not disrupt town business.

The small town of Bethel sits in a sort of public access no-man’s land. Residents don’t receive public access television from either White River Junction or the Barre-Montpelier areas.

So the group has decided that posting the meetings on YouTube is the most effective way to ensure greater transparency and engage more citizens in local government.

As a courtesy, the group says it will send the chairman of the Select Board a letter advising him that taping will begin at the next meeting on November 7th.

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