Bertrand Announces Candidacy for Secretary of State

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(Host) Montpelier lawyer Michael Bertrand announced Wednesday that he is seeking the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. Bertrand, who is 32 years old, has served as the assistant clerk of the Vermont House for the past four years.

Speaking to about 75 supporters at his campaign kick off, Bertrand said he wants to make the Secretary of State’s office more customer friendly. Bertrand said the failure of the state to fully utilize the potential of the Internet is a good example of what he means:

(Bertrand) "Take for instance the web site of the secretary of State’s office. It was constructed just a few years ago, it has an amazing amount of information on it. But it’s already out dated. It’s outdated because it’s being used only to send information out. That’s a common theme we see across state government: a belief that the information superhighway is a one-way street. The trend in private business and many other states is to use the Internet not only to transmit information, but allow people to submit information as well."

(Host) Bertrand is challenging two-term Democratic Secretary of State Deb Markowitz.

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