Bennington State Building Construction On Time, On Budget

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(Host) Construction is well under way on Bennington’s new state office and District Court building.

Zoltan Horvath is in charge of the building site for the state. He says the new building should be ready by December or early January.

(Horvath) "I would say we pretty much are on schedule. We’ve had some ups and downs. It was a rough winter and there’s been a lot of rain. But I think it’s all going to level off in the end.

(Host) The Vermont Legislature approved $17 million dollars for the new three-story building and officials say construction is on budget.

The old state complex on the same site was abandoned in 2007. That was after a rash of respiratory ailments and several cases of a relatively rare disease.

Investigators found air quality problems in the old building, but no direct link to the illnesses could be proved.

Horvath says the new building has geothermal heat and a solar hot water system.

(Horvath) "It’s a LEED-certified building, which is basically very energy efficient. It’s designed with a lot of windows and sunlighting. You know the energy ratings for this building are going to be some of the tops in the state."

(Host) Bennington’s courts, human services, corrections and other agencies are still operating in temporary trailers adjacent to the construction site.

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