Bennington skateboard park proposal well received

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(Host) In Bennington, where teenagers have complained about needing more things to do outside of school, a proposal to build a $50,000 skateboard park was well received at town meeting last night.

Bennington Town Manager Stuart Hurd says not only did 3 teen from the skateboard park committee speak in favor of the plan, but a 98-year-old resident also voiced his strong approval. Hurd says it’s too early to say whether the park will ultimately be green lighted, but based on last night’s business, it’s looking pretty good.

(Hurd) “No one spoke against the skate park proposal or the park proposal in itself I think, which is a good sign. And I think the fact that Town Meeting was rather routine for us this year indicates that overall that people are satisfied with the way the town is functioning and probably with the proposal itself.”

(Host) Bennington Voters will decide issues by Australian ballot today.

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