Bellows Falls School Bond Vote Goes To Recount

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(Host) A defeated bond vote on improvements to the Bellows Falls Middle School has been scheduled for a recount.

The $10.5 million project went down by only three votes on Town Meeting Day.

The recount, by the Rockingham Board of Civil Authority, was scheduled for Tuesday morning after a citizen requested it.

Tim Doherty of Bellows Falls chaired the committee that developed the renovation plan. He says that if the recount doesn’t change the outcome, he’ll push for another vote.

(Doherty) "We’re going to try it again. Adults have issues. Adults could fight every day about money. I don’t want our children in the middle. I want them to have the best. And that’s what my committee does. We want to give them the best."

(Host) Doherty says there was more than three years of work on the proposal, including lengthy debate on whether to renovate the 1927 Middle School or focus on new construction.

The school has been struggling to meet fire and safety codes.

Some opponents said the town would have been better off adding to the much newer Bellows Falls Union High School.

But the other towns in the Union District wouldn’t approve the expansion.


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