Barre Salvation Army Damaged By Flood

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One organization dedicated to helping those in need is now itself suffering a setback due to last week’s flash floods. 

The Barre Chapter of the Salvation Army lost most of its inventory after water washed through its North Main Street thrift store. 

Captain Travis DeLong is a corps officer with the Salvation Army.

Delong says insurance will only cover property damage and purchased goods. 

(Delong)  "Anything that was donated is a total loss to us, we’ve lost over 9,000 pieces of clothing, books, records, furniture, anything that we had to sell that wasn’t five to six feet off the ground was a total loss." 

(Host) Starting today, a truck for donation drop-offs will be set up on the Barre-Montpelier road. 

Delong is asking people to give what they can. 

(Delong) "Clothing, non-perishable food, basic essentials like soaps, deodorants, personal hygiene things, laundry soap, anything that can help people get back to somewhat of a normal life." 

(Host) Delong says the organization hopes to have a tent set up in the thrift store parking lot by next week. 

He estimates it could be three to six weeks before the thrift shop can reopen. 


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