Author Presents Fictional Take On Marie Antoinette

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There are some names in world history that conjure up instant images and quotes, and the name Marie Antoinette certainly makes the list-for dubious reasons both.

Author Juliet Grey, who writes non-fiction under her real name Leslie Carroll, and fiction under her nom de plume, has written a new novel based on the early years of Antoinette’s life, the first of a trilogy chronicling the rise and fall of the Queen of France. The first installment focuses on the childhood of the doomed Monarch, well before her death in 1793, when she was beheaded 4 years after the onset of the revolution that brought down the French Monarchy.

"Becoming Marie Antoinette" is historical fiction, but Juliet Grey, who’s also a part-time actress as well as part time resident of Vermont, has made sure that the facts of Marie Antoinette’s life are well documented along with the imagined portions of the novel. Juliet Grey will read from the book Thursday night at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, and says Marie Antoinette is among the most unfairly portrayed women in history.

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