August 5, 2004 – News at a Glance

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Interview: State Emergency Response Drill
How would Vermont deal with the sudden outbreak of a deadly infectious disease, a severe natural disaster, or even an act of nuclear terrorism? Public health officials hope they have a better idea of how to handle such crises following the conclusion Wednesday of “Operation Red Clover,” a three-day drill designed to test the state’s emergency response capabilities. Mitch Wertlieb talks with Health Commissioner Dr. Paul Jarris about the results of the drill. (VPR)

Arabic Language Studies at Middlebury
For nearly 90 years, Middlebury College has offered summer language courses. Over the years, the offerings have been driven by economic and political concerns. When the Cold War was at its peak, many people came to learn Russian. When the economy of the Far East was booming, Japanese was popular. Lately, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of people who want to learn Arabic. (VPR)

McMullen Accuses Leahy of Incivility
Republican Senate candidate Jack McMullen blames incumbent Senator Patrick Leahy for costing Vermont jobs and for adding to the atmosphere of incivility in Washington. McMullen makes the charges in a series of radio ads that were launched this week. (VPR)

Military Concert Controversy
The head of the state National Guard says a fund-raiser for the families of Vermont service members is being tainted by politics. (AP)

Mercury Levels in Vermont Fish
A report by environmental groups says 100 percent of fish taken from Vermont waterways contained dangerous levels of mercury. The report is based on early data of an Environmental Protection Agency study examining chemical residues in fish. (AP)

Phish Promoters to Broadcast on Kingdom Radio Station
Promoters of next week’s Phish festival in Coventry are renting out a local radio station to provide updates on traffic, as well as to broadcast the concert. (AP)

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