August 3, 2004 – News at a Glance

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Cormorant Population on Lake Champlain
On Lake Champlain, one bird species is multiplying almost out of control. The double-crested cormorant was a rare visitor to the big lake just two decades ago. Now, almost 20,000 of the fish-eating birds are overrunning several islands and are pushing aside other bird species. The state began shooting cormorants this summer. But a leading biologist is concerned that this attempt at bird control could backfire. (VPR)

Coventry Meets in Advance of Concert
In just over one week, 70,000 people will descend on the Northeast Kingdom community of Coventry for the final show by the Vermont band Phish. The band has announced it’s breaking up after the two-day concert August 14-15. Monday night a standing room only crowd turned out in Coventry to hear how organizers plan to deal with the traffic and crowds the concert will draw. (VPR)

Interview: Dog River Chlorine Spill
It may be some time before environmental officials can assess the total damage done to fish populations along a stretch of the Dog River, following a chlorine spill last week. The chemicals leaked into the river from the Northfield Sewage plant and an investigation into the cause is ongoing. Mitch Wertlieb talks with Patrick Berry, policy director of the Vermont Natural Resources Council about the incident. (VPR)

Gilman Paper Mill Re-opens
For more than a century, the paper mill in the Northeast Kingdom town of Gilman has provided steady work for people on both sides of the Connecticut River. When the mill down shut after its owners declared bankruptcy, some feared it was closing for good. On Monday after a long wait, the plant reopened and 71 newly employed millworkers gathered to celebrate. (VPR)

Wind Projects on State Land
An environmental group wants the Douglas administration to change its mind and allow large-scale wind turbines on state land. The Vermont Public Interest Research Group says 3,500 Vermonters have signed a petition that calls on the Agency of Natural Resources to support wind energy development. (VPR)

Employers of Active-Duty Soldiers
Vermont National Guard officials took time today to thank the employers of citizen-soldiers who are serving on active duty. Under federal law, employers are required to give workers their jobs back when they return from duty. (VPR)

Dean Questions Terrorism Alert
Former presidential candidate Howard Dean says he wonders about the timing of the latest terror alert. Dean says he’s concerned that every time something happens that’s not good for President Bush, he plays what Dean calls “this trump card” of terrorism. (AP)

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