August 24, 2004 – News at a Glance

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August 24, 2004 – News at a Glance

Interview: Vermont Greens and Nader
Earlier this summer, the National Green Party endorsed David Cobb as its presidential candidate, a move that apparently isn’t sitting well with the Vermont Green Party’s steering committee. A majority of that committee voted earlier this month to break with the national party and endorse a resolution to nominate Ralph Nader as the Vermont Green Party’s candidate instead of Cobb. Mitch Wertlieb talks with Craig Chevrier about the state party’s decision. (VPR)

Nader to Qualify for Vermont Ballot
It now appears likely that independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader will qualify to be on the November ballot in Vermont. The Nader campaign says it already has enough petition signatures but it’s collecting more just to be sure. (VPR)

Apple Crop May Thrive After Wet Summer
This summer’s wet, cool weather has made for a difficult growing season for some Vermont crops. But the state’s apple growers aren’t complaining. They’re hoping for some sunshine in the next few weeks to put the finishing touches on a good crop of Vermont apples. (VPR)

Housing Crunch Keeps Some Inmates in Prison Longer
Tight housing and job markets are making it difficult for some inmates at Vermont’s prisons to go free. Corrections Commissioner Steve Gold says 132 prisoners across the state would be released if they could locate housing. (AP)

Drug Treatment Center Opens This Week
Health Commissioner Paul Jarris says a new drug addiction treatment program that opens this week in Bradford will fill gaps in the state’s ability to treat drug addicts. (AP)

Dean Campaigns in Florida
Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean campaigned for one of Florida’s Democratic Senate candidates in West Palm Beach Monday. Earlier this year Dean led the field of presidential candidates before his campaign collapsed. On Monday in Florida he praised candidate Betty Castor, who is running for the seat held by retiring Senator Bob Graham. (AP)

Future of State Hospital Buildings
State officials are considering how to care for Vermont State Hospital patients once its current building closes down. They say there are two probable futures for caring for the mentally ill under state care. Both of them involve moving operations to one of the state’s general medical centers. (AP)

Phish Apologizes to Fans
The hundreds of Phish fans who were turned away from the band’s farewell concerts have been given another apology and a promise for a free gift. Phish Manager John Paluska and promoter Dave Werlin of Great Northeast Productions posted their apologies on the band’s Web site. (AP)

Chittenden County Technical School
The Vermont Education Department has downgraded the projected enrollment at the planned Chittenden County regional technical academy. State Education Commissioner Richard Cate ruled last week that the proposed technical school would attract a maximum of 947 students. That’s about 300 fewer than planners had projected. (AP)

MA City to Sell Land in Pownal
The city of North Adams, Massachusetts, is considering a plan to sell more than 4,200 acres that it owns in the Vermont town of Pownal. North Adams owns a 4,000-acre property that includes a reservoir, a 200-acre parcel zoned as residential, and a smaller plot with a house on it. (AP)

Stowe Affordable Housing Proposal
Affordable housing developers have redesigned their proposal for a project that was rejected earlier by the zoning board. Lamoille Housing Partnership wants to build 40 apartments on ten acres it owns in Stowe. The non-profit group bought the land for half a million dollars last September. (AP)

Sex Offender Released
A sex offender whom police warned the public about has been released from prison. Fifty-one-year-old Douglas Bryant pleaded guilty earlier this month to charges of failing to register with the state. He was sentenced to time served then, and was set free Monday. His public defender says Bryant will serve one to two years on probation. (AP)

Somers and Burrington Face Life in Prison
The St. Johnsbury couple who ran from police across the eastern United States for almost three weeks are facing life in prison. The Vermont State Police arrested Robert Somers and Barbara Burrington Sunday outside the Kirby home of Burrington’s parents. Yesterday they appeared in court in St. Johnsbury and were ordered held in jail on bail. (AP)

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