Auditor’s report focuses on maintenance of fixed assets

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(Host) A report by the state auditor has some good news and bad news for state government.

Auditor Elizabeth Ready says that for the first time the state has a full accounting of its fixed assets, such as buildings, roads and bridges. She says this should help officials systematically plan for maintenance work around Vermont.

(Ready) “And it’s a big step forward for the state of Vermont and I think some congratulations are due to the Department of Finance and Management and also to the staffs for those two departments.”

(Host) But Ready also pointed out problems in how some state agencies account for federal funds. Ready says that the Transportation Agency, for example, can’t fully document how its federal funds are used.

(Ready) “The bottom line is that the agency was unable to produce background documentation for some of their federal receivables.”

(Host) Ready, who leaves office in January, says the Legislature should take a greater role in overseeing state and federal spending in Vermont.

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