ATV Trail Ordinance Survives Vote In Barnet, But Not Cabot

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Barnet voters have decided to keep an ordinance that allows all terrain vehicles to use some town roads. The vote on Wednesday was prompted  by a petition proposing to ban ATV’s on public roads. Opponents say they make too much noise and damage surfaces, and they worry that ATV tours will collide with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Assistant Town Clerk Cathy McLam says ATV’s have been getting more controversial in Barnet.

"And I think they’re growing and so there’s more ATV’s on the road and I think it’s more noticeable to some of the  people that didn’t know we had passed this a couple years ago," McLam said.

Opponents lost by a vote of 215-129, so the select board will keep the ordinance allowing ATV’s. But Town Clerk Ben Heisholt says it could come up for review again, at Town Meeting in March.

"They review specifically what roads are going to be permitted for that year, and I think that’s probably a good venue for folks who are opposed to the ordinance either in general or specific aspects of it to come in and have their say," said Heisholt.

But for now, the ordinance stands, and ATV riders are pleased. In Cabot, on November 6, the vote went another way, with residents defeating an ordinance that would have expanded the public network of roads open to ATV’s.

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