At White House, Douglas Asks For Change To Renewable Energy Plan

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(Host) Governor Jim Douglas is urging the Obama Administration to modify its plan for promoting renewable energy sources across the country.

Douglas was part of a bi-partisan group of 11 governors who met with the President at the White House this afternoon on energy issues.

The Administration wants to encourage states to have a certain percentage of their energy sources come from renewable sources.

Douglas says one problem with the approach is that the Administration doesn’t consider large hydro projects to be a ‘renewable’ energy source:

(Douglas) "The treatment of large hydro electricity plants like in Hydro Quebec is not being regarded as renewable. That certainly is renewable and if we’re going to have a strategy of clean sources of power – that limit emissions and that are renewable – then I believe that hydro facilities like HQ ought to be a part of that."

(Host) Douglas says he suggested a different approach for encouraging the development of clean energy sources – it’s one that would set goals for each state to achieve carbon free energy policies:

(Douglas) "And let states decide how best to achieve it. It might be through hydro in some cases, it might be more solar and wind production in others. It might be nuclear power somewhere else. But to establish the goal, as opposed to arbitrary percentages."

(Host) Douglas says he’s optimistic that his plan will be seriously reviewed by the Obama Administration.

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