Art Exhibit Features Recycled Materials And Found Objects

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This weekend the work of more than a dozen Vermont artists goes on display at the Kent Museum in Calais.

The show features sculpture, site-specific stone work – including a labyrinth – fabric work and a variety of other hard-to-classify art.

Everything is made from recycled materials and found objects.

It’s taken a few weeks to set up.

On a bright fall day at this rural crossroads in Calais known as Kents Corner, Hardwick Sculptor Gordon Auchinchloss unloads a ten-foot tall, blackened steel turnstile. Its four arms point at right angles, with hoops at the end of each to frame the scenery.

Inside the museum – an 18th century saw mill and tavern — Chelsea sculptor Michael Alon installs a cement circle in an old iron table. It’s slightly unwieldy.

The cement circle is about two feet in diameter, three inches wide, and there’s a gap  at the top. It looks a bit like the horn of the moon. Alon is trying to get a stream of water to course through its core, emerge at the top, and cling elegantly to its exterior on the way down.

Back outside, several dozen blue-gray stones are strewn on the lawn, where Morrisville stonemason Thea Alvin and some of her European interns wield brick hammers against the flinty rocks, shaping them to suit their project…

Note: The show, "Full Circle: Vermont Artists Give Round A New Shape," is open at the Kent Museum in Calais, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through October 7th.

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