Arrests Made in Heroin Conspiracy Ring

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(Host) Six people have been arrested for a drug conspiracy operating between Yonkers, New York and Burlington. The charges follow an investigation conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration and police departments in Yonkers and Burlington.

Marzell Underwood of Yonkers is charged with leading an operation that brought heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine to the Burlington area. The government also alleges that Wayne Davis and Sonia Kimber, both from Burlington, allowed their apartments to be used as storage facilities for the illegal drugs.

Thomas Anderson is Assistant U.S. Attorney for Vermont. Anderson says a high profit margin makes Burlington an attractive market for out-or-state drug dealers.

(Anderson) “The price of heroin in Burlington compared to Yonkers is pretty remarkable. It’s probably, you know, $30 or $40 a bag up here, where down there it might be three or five dollars a bag. So the mark-up up here is pretty enticing.”

(Host) The conspiracy indictment also states that Western Union wire transfers were used to transmit funds from Burlington to Yonkers. If convicted, all defendants will face minimum mandatory sentences of 10 years in prison.

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