April 9, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Red Cross Donation
In recent months, a number of record companies have created benefit albums to help raise money for the victims of September 11. One Montreal-based company has quietly donated proceeds from their charity CD to a local chapter of the American Red Cross. (VPR)

Powerball and Act 60 Reform
Governor Howard Dean says he won’t sign a school choice bill being considered in the House because it will hurt the quality of education at smaller schools throughout the state. Dean is also criticizing an Act 60 reform bill drafted by House Republican leaders. (VPR)

Vermont Label
A Canadian cheese company and its Vermont subsidiary will pay the state $56,000 to settle consumer fraud violations. The attorney general’s office says Fromage Cote of Warwick, Quebec labeled its Swiss-style cheese as a Vermont product when, in fact, it was made in Canada. (VPR)

Aid for Bethlehem
With Bethlehem under siege in the Mideast conflict, Burlington residents have raised more than $5,000 for humanitarian aid. Bethlehem is Burlington’s sister city in the West Bank. (VPR)

Endowment Gift
St. Michael’s College has received its largest gift ever, $3.1 million. The gift comes from a former trustee who sent six of his children to the college. (AP)

Anti-Civil Union Ads
Radio advertisements are attacking a Republican state senator for not doing enough to repeal civil unions. The campaign is organized by a Williston Baptist minister. (AP)

Waterbury Reservoir Dam
Repairs to the Waterbury Dam begin this spring, two years after inspectors found it leaking and in danger of collapse. The water in the reservoir has been drawn down. (AP)

Legislative Calendar
Vermont lawmakers hope to end their Legislative session by the middle of May, according to a timetable proposed by Senator Peter Shumlin. (AP)

NH Governor’s Race
New Hampshire Republican David Corbin is dropping out of the race for governor. Corbin says he won’t endorse another candidate until after the September primary. (AP)

A family of British tourists is safe after their van was carjacked in Burlington. A couple from Barre is charged with assault and robbery. (AP)

Environmental Legislation
The debate over environmental issues has illustrated serious rifts between Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature, especially on air and water bills. (AP)

Birds and Chocolate
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is asking people not to feed chocolate to birds because it’s toxic to some of them. (AP)

Ski Resort Land Tax
Ski areas in the U.S. pay only 2% tax on the land they lease from the federal government. The resorts say they can’t afford more, while others say the rates are far too low. (AP)

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