April 4, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Guardsman Arrested for DUI
A Vermont National Guardsman has been relieved from active duty after he was stopped for drunk driving on his way to work on the U.S. Canadian border. Authorities say the soldier had two loaded weapons in his vehicle. (VPR)

Champion Lands
The House late Wednesday afternoon gave its preliminary approval to legislation that eliminates the state’s plan to create a core ecological reserve as part of the Champion land deal. (VPR)

License and Registration Fees
The Senate on Wednesday afternoon gave its preliminary approval to legislation that increases dozens of motor vehicle fees in order to raise almost ten million dollars for a variety of local road and bridge repair projects. (VPR)

Standing in Omya Case
A state appeals board has ruled that a citizens group does not have the legal right to challenge a pollution permit issued to Omya Incorporated. Omya produces calcium carbonate at its plant in Pittsford. (VPR)

Fallout from ASC Deal
The owners of Okemo Mountain Ski Area are back in Vermont after meeting with lawyers and investors in Colorado. Tim and Diane Mueller are considering their next move now that plans to buy the Steamboat Springs Ski Area have fallen through. (VPR)

Tulloch Plea Today
Against the advice of counsel, Robert Tulloch is to plead guilty to double murder today in the stabbing deaths of two Dartmouth professors. Tulloch could be sentenced to life without parole. The New Hampshire Supreme Court reversed the decision of a local judge and said cameras and recorders can be in the courtroom at the Tulloch hearing. (AP)

Evictions Delayed
St. Albans tenants under threat of eviction will have at least until the end of May, while the bank negotiates with a prospective buyer for the buildings where they live. (AP)

School Choice
The Vermont House is expected to debate a bill expanding school choice options in the state. (AP)

Act 60 Reform
House Republicans are introducing a bill to ease tax obligations on property-wealthy towns. (AP)

Escaped Prisoner Arrested
Connecticut police have arrested Ronald Foley, the bank robber who escaped from a Middlebury prison last week. (AP)

Brattleboro Shooting Civil Suit
Legal experts say the family of Robert Woodward face tough obstacles in winning a civil suit against the Town of Brattleboro and the policemen who shot Woodward. The attorney general announced Wednesday that the shooting was legally justified. (AP)

Closed Machine Shops
A bankruptcy court in Delaware is overseeing the sale of two bankrupt machine shops in Springfield, VT. Vermont officials have asked the court to favor those potential buyers who would keep jobs in Vermont. (AP)

VT Air Guard
Vermont Air Guard pilots have set a new record for consecutive days of operations. They surpassed the old record of 122 days of flying combat air patrol over the U.S. from the Dakotas to Virginia. (AP)

Border Patrol
The Border Patrol is about to add a helicopter to its patrolling efforts along the border between the U.S. and Canada. (AP)

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