April 30, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Interview: Psychiatric Health
Steve Delaney talks with Senior Vice President Dave DeMers of Fletcher Allen on the hospital’s plan to move the psychiatric unit to the former Fanny Allen Hospital campus. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

Radon in Drinking Water
Two families in Milton have discovered that their drinking water is contaminated with radon and other dangerous elements. They recently sued their town and the local real estate agents who sold them the property. The families claim that town officials and the real estate agents should have known that the water was dangerous. (VPR)

Bankruptcy Court
This is a critical week for efforts to save hundreds of jobs in Springfield. A bankruptcy court in Delaware is set to rule on whether to expedite the sale of equipment owned by the Goldman Industrial Group. The ruling could pave the way for a company in the Midwest to dismantle much of what remains of Springfield’s machine took industry. (VPR)

Reapportionment Plan
The Senate on Monday afternoon gave its final approval to a new reapportionment plan. The vote on the measure was 21 to 8. Most of the Democrats supported the bill while the Republican caucus was evenly split on the legislation. (VPR)

Drug Prices
A coalition of Vermont elderly groups is launching a media campaign to rally support for legislation that is designed to lower the cost of many prescription drugs. (VPR)

Controls on State Funds
A political spat over the handling of state funds has erupted after the arrest of a man for writing bad checks using a state account number. (AP)

Ski Mountain Expansion
Okemo Mountain Ski Resort has received its permits for a big expansion project, set to begin this summer. (AP)

Tunbridge Brewery Closes
The Tunbridge Brewing Company, which made Vermont Pride beer after the civil unions law passed, is going out of business. The brewery’s assets were auctioned last weekend. (AP)

Parent Charged with Manslaughter
A St. Albans woman is facing involuntary manslaughter charges for poisoning her infant son with an anti-depressant. The parents of the baby fed it the ground up pill in a bottle of milk to keep him from crying. (AP)

Long Distance Service
Verizon begins offering long distance service in Vermont today. The federal government approved Verizon’s application to provide the service last month. (AP)

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