April 29, 2002 – News at a Glance

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September 11
In the days following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Vermont Public Radio reporters spoke with several Vermonters who were directly affected by these acts of terrorism. Recently, reporter Beth Schmidt talked with four of these individuals again to see how they’re doing. (VPR)

Equinox Preservation Trust
The Equinox Resort in Manchester and the Vermont Institute for Natural Science are working on an expanded partnership. But some conservationists worry that the educational and research programs of the Preservation Trust could be jeopardized by the restructuring and the loss of its director. (VPR)

Highway Advertising
After several hours of debate, the Vermont House on this afternoon voted in favor of a plan to allow new signs near interstate exits that would advertise nearby food, gas and lodging businesses. (VPR)

Dairy Price Supports
House and Senate negotiators in Washington are set to give their approval a new farm bill that includes a key support program for dairy farmers. (VPR)

Legislative Calendar
Vermont state legislators are trying to finish their work by the middle of May, but most predictions say they’ll run into June before adjournment.. (AP)

Woodstock Jail
The old Woodstock jail is closing for good today. In recent weeks the jail has served as a holding facility for people under arrest awaiting arraignment. (AP)

NH Congressional Race
In New Hampshire, Democrat Martha Fuller made the official announcement that she’s running for the congressional seat being vacated by Congressman John Sununu. Sununu is running for the Senate. (AP)

Gilman Paper Mill
Workers at the paper mill in Gilman will be going back to work this week, under a new deal worked out between owners and management. The employees are still owed back pay. (AP)

Berlin, NH Prison
In New Hampshire, voters in Berlin will vote again on whether they want to be home to a federal prison. Last fall they voted against the measure. (AP)

Bellows Fall Downtown
Another vacant storefront in Bellows Falls is to be renovated. The old Odd Fellows building will be put to commercial use. (AP)

Winooski School Board
The razor-thin race for a Winooski school board seat has gone to the challenger after two elections and two re-counts. The margin in the deciding ballot was three votes. (AP)

Ski Innovations
Straight skis are being overtaken in the market by shaped skis, which are cut into an hourglass shape. The shaped skis make turns easier for beginners and intermediate skiers. (AP)

Hazen Teachers Contract
Teachers in the Hazen Union School district will take a strike vote on Thursday if they don’t have a contract. Negotiations with the board are stuck on the size of raises for veteran teachers. (AP)

Southern VT Rail Service
In Manchester, the debate goes on over building a train station. Proponents say that they need to build the station in order to lure rail service to Manchester. Opponents don’t want to build facilities for a rail service that doesn’t reach the area. (AP)

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