April 22, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Omya Expansion
Omya Incorporated is an industrial giant. It makes crushed calcium carbonate from marble. The product is used in everything from chewing gum, to paint, to glossy paper. The company operates in 30 countries and it would like to expand here in Vermont. The expansion plans have run into opposition in Rutland County. Listen to the audio version online or read the transcript. (VPR)

An unseasonable heat wave has brought the sounds of spring to Vermont earlier than usual. Millions of tiny tree frogs have expanded their vocal sacs in hope of finding a mate. It’s the chorus of the peepers. Listen to the audio version online or read the transcript. (VPR)

Circ Highway
The Circumferential Highway in Chittenden County now has gained a key pollution permit. The state Agency of Natural Resources granted a stormwater permit that requires the Transportation Agency to manage the runoff from a new, four-mile section of road in Williston. (VPR)

“Moderate” Earthquake
Saturday morning at 6:51 an earthquake shook the Northeast for about 30 seconds. The National Earthquake Information Center reports that the earthquake magnitude was 5.1 on the Richter scale, centered 15 miles Southwest of Plattsburgh, NY. (VPR)

“The Year That Trembled”
Vermont filmmaker Jay Craven has turned to a pivotal moment in the 1960s. It’s a period that Craven feels has special relevance in today’s political climate. Listen to the audio version online or read the transcript. (VPR)

Legislative Update
Vermont lawmakers are trying to finish their redistricting duties, but aren’t getting very far. House and Senate lawmakers are also trying to finish the several budgets that they must pass before adjournment, but that isn’t going quickly either. (AP)

School Board Election
Winooski voters will try again to elect a school board member. The last election yielded a discrepancy between the number of votes cast and the number of people who voted. (AP)

UVM "420"
The 420 Smoke-In at the University of Vermont was pretty much a non-event, due to massive police presence. The University has tried to burnish its image by clamping down on the traditional pot smoke-in. (AP)

Gas BBQ Canisters
People who barbecue on gas grills may have to pay $30 for new gas canisters. Federal regulations have declared current canister safety specifications to be out-of-date. (AP)

Circ Highway Appeal
Officials say the Chittenden circumferential highway could be delayed an additional year because the Conservation Law Foundation plans to appeal a stormwater runoff permit issued to the project. (AP)

St. Mike’s Worshop
Students at St. Michael’s College will take part in a computer workshop designed to train people to use technology and to work better together. (AP)

NH Primary Visitors
New Hampshire and other early primary states have seen many visits from politicians considering presidential bids. The national campaign visits have boosted the fundraising efforts of politicians in local races, too. (AP)

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