April 19, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Middle East Crisis
It will be difficult to break the cycle of escalating violence in the Middle East because of deepening mistrust between Israelis and Palestinians. That was the message last night on VPR’s Switchboard program. (VPR)

Medicaid Changes
The Vermont House approved changes to the state’s Medicaid program after an all-day debate Thursday, with the final decision coming by voice vote last night. Governor Howard Dean says he supports many of the cuts in the state’s drug assistance program that are backed by House Republican leaders. (VPR)

Waitsfield Shooting
Vermont State Police have determined that last week’s shooting death of a Montpelier man was not an accident. Two people were seen near the American Flatbread Pizza in Waitsfield last Friday afternoon at about 2:10 p.m. (VPR)

Stormwater Plans
The Dean administration has announced several proposals that are designed to improve the quality of water in the state’s rivers, lakes and streams. The plans detail all of the stormwater discharge permits that the state has issued in each watershed region. (VPR)

Cigarette Tax
Democrats failed yesterday to get the tax on cigarettes raised above 36 cents a pack, as the House finished its revisions to Medicaid rules. (AP)

Joe’s Pond Ice-out
Spring has arrived in West Danville, with the ice-out at Joe’s Pond yesterday afternoon. Four winners guessed that the ice would break at 4:18 p.m. on April 18, and share the $2,400 pot. (AP)

Moose Collision
A Maine man is recovering after his van hit a moose on Interstate 89 near Brookfield. (AP)

Vermont Yankee Leak
The radiation leakage at Vermont Yankee might be caused by a new system installed last fall, an expert says. The plant will close next month to plug the leak. (AP)

Federal School Money
Governor Howard Dean dislikes the new federal school testing guidelines so much that he may turn down $26 million in federal aid to schools to avoid the new school testing demands. (AP)

Liberty Union Party
The Liberty Union Party announced its candidates for Local Elections. One candidate was announced for the U.S. Senate, but withdrew after being told neither senate seat is up for election.

Montpelier Bike Program
Montpelier will make bikes available to people in the downtown area for free this summer. (AP)

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